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What is LASO Health?

What is LASO Health?

LASO Health connects you to vetted, top-notch physicians that offer affordable, transparent pricing on a wide variety of healthcare services – making sure that you never get a big surprise bill in the mail ever again.

LASO Health is free-to-use, with no subscription required. We’re committed to making it as easy as possible for Texans with a high-deductible health plan or no insurance at all to get care from quality physicians.

Who is Gen?

Gen is our healthcare superhero, and she is here for one reason: to help you navigate the healthcare system. She’s your concierge, and is there to answer any questions you have about deductibles, doctor’s orders, different practices listed in your area, and more. Want to talk to an awesome human? Gen will immediately connect you to one of our live Care Concierges who can help you with anything and everything LASO Health.

Different Ways to Use LASO Health

Find Your Go-To

LASO Health’s physicians are vetted, top-notch providers with a commitment to providing transparent, upfront care. LASO Health connects you with the kinds of physicians you’ll want to stick with.

Save Big on Imaging

LASO Health curates affordable, quality imaging centers and surgery options to help you save big. For example, the average out-of-pocket cost of an MRI is $1,325. The average price with LASO Health is $460.

Confused on What to Do Next?

The healthcare system is so confusing that many people wait until the last minute to go to the doctor – and it ends up costing them. LASO Health provides dedicated care concierge support via its team of healthcare experts to make it simple and easy to find what you need.


Who can use LASO Health?

Anybody and everybody. LASO Health is dedicated to making healthcare easy and affordable, especially for people on high-deductible plans or without insurance altogether. There’s no cost to download and no subscriptions – just start browsing, booking, and saving!

How does LASO Health make healthcare more affordable?

When you book through the LASO Health app, you pay the doctor directly, without using your insurance card. In turn, the doctor saves a fortune in processing and administrative fees, allowing them to give LASO Health patients a significantly better price than the average consumer.

I have insurance. Does it make sense to book and pay for my next doctor’s visit through LASO Health?

According to a 2020 eHealth survey, the average family health insurance plan has a deductible of $8,439. For a lot of families, those high-deductible health plans mean that most of their healthcare expenses are coming out of their own pocket. LASO Health’s self-pay prices for many non-urgent services can be up to 70% LESS than insurance prices – with the same quality doctors!

How does LASO Health get top-rated doctors?

Quality care at upfront prices is our mission.  We know that top-rated doctors love to take care of their patients – and they hate the endless red tape of insurance billing that gets in the way of providing top-notch care. LASO Health actively recruits best-in-class providers using several criteria, including personally visiting each facility to ensure that LASO Health users will have the best healthcare experience.

Donna Krugman

I didn’t have medical insurance due to a job change. My grandson had a painful ingrown toenail. I was so lucky to have found LASO Health.
I paid for the procedure up front and was able to schedule his appointment for the following day. Everything went great and my grandson was no longer in pain.

Kayleena Smith

Last time I went to the cardiologist I was shocked to see the bill was thousands more than I anticipated. Later I found the LASO app, checked prices and wished I’d known about them sooner. Since then I’ve booked two appointments with LASO and saved hundreds.

Patty C.

I was on a time crunch for an EKG that was required by my surgeon before my procedure date. Because of my divorce, I have been floating between my old insurance and new insurance. The LASO Health app is amazing! I was able to schedule immediately for two days later and I only paid $32. It was hard to believe until I actually used the app. I highly recommend it!