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The featured image is of a person's feet. Photo credit: Osvaldo Castillo for Pexels.

Does an ingrown toenail go away on its own?

A podiatrist can treat your painful, throbbing toe I had lived with ingrown toenails all my life – until I couldn’t take it anymore. Ingrown toenails happen when the side of a toenail grows into the soft flesh of your toe. It hurts and can get swollen, inflamed, and even infected.  Ingrown toenails usually affect … Continued

Kayleena Smith

Last time I went to the cardiologist I was shocked to see the bill was thousands more than I anticipated. Later I found the LASO app, checked prices and wished I’d known about them sooner. Since then I’ve booked two appointments with LASO and saved hundreds.

Patty C.

I was on a time crunch for an EKG that was required by my surgeon before my procedure date. Because of my divorce, I have been floating between my old insurance and new insurance. The LASO Health app is amazing! I was able to schedule immediately for two days later and I only paid $32. It was hard to believe until I actually used the app. I highly recommend it!

Donna Krugman

I didn’t have medical insurance due to a job change. My grandson had a painful ingrown toenail. I was so lucky to have found LASO Health.
I paid for the procedure up front and was able to schedule his appointment for the following day. Everything went great and my grandson was no longer in pain.