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Get direct access to new patients along with increased cash flow and reduced overhead. Join the platform that modernizes your practice, reduces your overhead, and pays you directly. Grow your practice with LASO.

Healthcare on Your Terms.

Since the advent of the internet and smartphones, technology has enhanced the retail consumer experience across so many industries, providing real-time pricing information, convenience of payment, and delivery of service for everything from cheeseburgers to trips around the world. However, when it comes to healthcare services, these enhancements have not reached the consumer - until now. LASO is Direct Access Healthcare: a consumer-focused platform that connects your practice and new patients in a transparent environment to expand healthcare access, end care deferment, and improve patient outcomes.

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Modernizing a Legacy Model

It is a universal truth that “prevention is key”, but the current system presents many barriers to the consumer seeking care - rising deductibles and out of pocket costs, in-network vs. out-of-network, the fear of surprise bills - an endless list. Realizing that the future of healthcare is literally in “their” hands, what if you had a product that would put you right in front of the patient the moment they realized they needed a doctor? Purchasing power has been given to the consumer, who will spend $400 billion this year in out of pocket payments - has your practice evolved enough to meet those patients as they purchase in the future?

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Decentralized Referral Source

There is a shortage of Physicians, and a surplus of patients seeking care - but how many of them are you in front of? Imagine a day when patients refer themselves to a physician based on prompt scheduling, proximity, and price…that day is here! LASO decentralizes the effort to attract new patients, while lowering the overhead you would normally pay for marketing, billing and collection. LASO is designed to put the services your practice offers right in the pocket of potential patients seeking care, with transparent pricing, up-front payment, and convenient booking.

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LASO is Direct Access Healthcare

LASO is an online platform that directly connects you to new patients, saving you time, money, and hassle. With LASO, you stay in control – setting your prices and schedule while we deliver your practice to a growing number of users.

Zero cost, web-based platform that puts you in direct connection with patients via a modern and friendly mobile app. LASO removes the intermediaries in the fast-paced, buyer-driven market of today with minimal investment.

For patients, the LASO mobile app provides up-front, transparent pricing, convenient booking, and fast payment. The result is care that becomes more efficient, more personalized, and more human – with NO surprise bills.

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The future of healthcare is already in the patient's hands. Will they be able to find you?