Date Published: 01-17-2022
Topic: News

Over the past few decades, both research and medicine practices have changed drastically. New procedures, drugs, and treatment methods have significantly enhanced the medical profession’s capacity to diagnose and cure illness, repair accident or injury damage, and monitor different diseases and conditions that help to save lives, early diagnosis, and management.

The business of medicine has also changed considerably. Years back, a person visiting his or her doctor was often consumed with worry and anxiety. They were expected to come with a relative who would help write down essential information, specific instructions, and ask questions that the patient may not have considered. 

The global coronavirus pandemic has enabled an advance spike in demand for digital health services; no longer does one have to go to hospitals for routine healthcare, diagnosis, medical evaluation, treatment, or therapy except for surgery and urgent care. Now, patients have the unique advantage of connecting with their doctors via telehealth.  

With lockdown measures in place around the globe, going to see your local physician if you are unwell isn’t an option for the vast majority of people. Last year, no one would have imagined a time will come when doctors will advise patients to sit at home. Now, patients are informed that they should only come to the hospitals only if there is an emergency. The “new normal” has rocked the ship of many organizations, especially the health sector. 

The changing nature and business of healthcare led us to create our mobile app called LASO. The LASO app helps connect and empower both people and providers by removing the barriers between them and the direct doctor-patient healthcare relationship.

How LASO Connects The Dots In Healthcare Cost

The LASO app connects you to the best doctors in San Antonio. All you need to do is sign up, log in, select the service or care you are seeking, and the app will highlight doctors that meet your request. Transparency in pricing is of the utmost importance and the core LASO mission. That’s why LASO has taken things a bit further to display available ad hoc pricing. Technical innovations similar to LASO are putting a halt to the endless lines within the hospital waiting areas, uncomfortable environments, and, most importantly, unexpected healthcare costs.

Did you know that 67% of patients worry about surprise healthcare costs? 40% of insured adults ages 18 to 65 said they had received a surprise medical bill in the past 12 months. Of those respondents, 10 percent said their bill stemmed from out-of-network care. Studies have shown that most individuals do not understand their medical insurance plans. Transparent healthcare is a necessity, especially in times where financial hardship is apparent in many communities.

Why Paying Cash For Healthcare Is A Viable and Necessary Option

People tend to believe that paying directly to doctors for services is quite expensive compared to paying through insurance. Actually the reverse is the case. Did you know that some hospitals offer discounts of 10–40% off medical bills, especially when you pay in cash? Did you know there are reduced fees for paying out-of-pocket for some MRIs, and that some labs even offer discounts to patients that patronize their services during certain seasons? All of these considerations and more can help you make the best decisions the next you need to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment. 

The cost of health care will continuously increase, especially for those employed. Since 2009, average family premiums have increased by 54%, and workers’ contributions have increased by 71%, several times more quickly than wages (26%), and inflation (20%). Out of pocket expenses related to health services not covered by insurance, for self-sponsored policyholders, have been observed to be up to $5000 and sometimes more than $14,000 for individuals and families. These figures should not be surprising. 

No doubt, people with health insurance can utilize co-insurance and co-pays, but the total expenses incurred may surprise anyone who digs a little deeper. The challenge is compounded by inefficient consumer control and price controls policies as it relates to healthcare. These factors also contribute to keeping the continuous rise in healthcare costs. Health insurance providers have bills to pay while providing you with health services through physicians, therapists, and other professionals. Imagine how much less you will pay for health services when you access doctors and other professionals’ services directly.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have healthcare insurance by any means. We’re just saying that routine services are often much more inexpensive than when covered by insurance. In fact, it’s a two-way benefit for both patient and doctor. On the doctor’s side of the house, they know exactly what to expect to keep the lights on in their practice while providing quality care and service. Paying out-of-pocket, that is, to pay with one’s own money, rather than from a particular fund or insurance group, is cheaper, faster, and the way of the future for most. By paying directly, both parties are relieved of all those cumbersome paperwork, like signing claim forms, middlemen hidden fees, etc. 

With the services of San Antonio’s best doctor’s right at your fingertips, your routine or one-off healthcare needs are covered. Whether you’re not feeling well, in need of an MRI or Xray, or require laboratory services, you’re one click away from accessing healthcare with transparent pricing!

LASO is an app created by a dynamic team of Physicians and Technologists to connect and empower both people and providers and remove the barriers that stand between them and the direct doctor-patient healthcare relationship.