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LASO Health works for you.

On a high-deductible health plan or completely uninsured – it doesn’t matter. Anyone can find, book, and pay for a LASO Health appointment and save money on their healthcare.

Best-In-Class, Priced For Everyone

Top-Notch Docs

LASO Health connects you with the best San Antonio doctors available. Physicians in the LASO Health network are carefully vetted to ensure that you get the care you deserve.

Affordable Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

The price you see in the LASO Health app when you book is the price you pay – no surprise bills, at-the-door price increases, or nickel-and-diming. Whether you have insurance or not, LASO Health will save you money and time.

Care Concierge Support

Healthcare is a maze. Our in-app AI Gen and her team of real local healthcare professionals can help you find that appointment you need, when you need it.

LASO Health in
3 easy steps

Search For What You Need

Search by doctor, procedure, diagnostic, or appointment type. Pay-as-you-go-pricing is immediately available – you can even shop between providers.

Book Your Appointment

Hit “Book,” and voila! Your appointment time and cost with a LASO Health physician will be locked in and you can get on with your day.

Pay the Doctor On Your Terms

At LASO Health we commit to connecting you with top-notch doctors, always at affordable prices. We’ve got your back – your payment won’t be released until you’re satisfied.

Patty C.

I was on a time crunch for an EKG that was required by my surgeon before my procedure date. Because of my divorce, I have been floating between my old insurance and new insurance. The LASO Health app is amazing! I was able to schedule immediately for two days later and I only paid $32. It was hard to believe until I actually used the app. I highly recommend it!

Kayleena Smith

Last time I went to the cardiologist I was shocked to see the bill was thousands more than I anticipated. Later I found the LASO app, checked prices and wished I’d known about them sooner. Since then I’ve booked two appointments with LASO and saved hundreds.

Donna Krugman

I didn’t have medical insurance due to a job change. My grandson had a painful ingrown toenail. I was so lucky to have found LASO Health.
I paid for the procedure up front and was able to schedule his appointment for the following day. Everything went great and my grandson was no longer in pain.